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  1. DIY and Modifications
    Why? Because it needed more up. 2.5/3inch Told ya it was coming! 🤠 Rear spring spacer and front coil strut spring spacer. Measurements to come soon. Currently sitting taller than 21my Tucson. Front camber moved positive by +0.5degrees. See below. Will need to figure out a way to make front...
  2. DIY and Modifications
    Had some extra time and was sick of seeing the amber glow in my white/silver housings. Before Couldn't find LEDs for rear turn signals at that point. Just stopped by autozone to use what they had. These were amazing for the light on the fender. Just reach back there and push in the locking...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Had to get my hands on this after one look. Glad I did! Very smooth little dude. Good throttle mapping with the ivt in normal mode. The tech is next level. Just need a software update for wireless CarPlay and I am in heaven! Got some theme based pinstripping in mind for this little guy, but...
1-3 of 3 Results