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My local dealer has the 2023 build and price info up on their site and I received a second email that my venue was on track for the Oct build - with of course the supply chain, chip shortage disclaimer. I don't know that I'll get it this year, but with the price release I feel I'm inching closer. Anyone know when I would actually sign the purchase agreement? I would think not until the car is at the dealer and I can actually look at it
In the states the Hyundai website is only showing the build and price for the 2022 model, so you guys are ahead of us. Yep, I definitely wouldn't sign anything until the Venue is in front of you and you inspect it and drive it. Could've been damaged in shipping. If it gets there and it's damaged, and you already signed the paperwork the sales manager will probably say "too bad, so sad, start a claim with the trucking co. that brought your car".
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