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Android phone and voice connection problems

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First of all I want to thank everyone for all your responses to my other issues. Much appreciated!

So I have an Android phone and if I make it call on my phone it will play through The car speakers.

Problem is when I press the button on my steering wheel and tell it to call someone it will not do it unless I have my phone plugged in with a USB cord.

Do you have to use a USB cord to use the voice feature or can you use it wireless? Maybe I'm doing something wrong and the sales lady that I bought it from can't figure it out either.
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so , question. I got a new phone and it works fine with voice connect. But, I have to use a USB cable.

I was under the impression this was supposed to work UNwired. Mine does not.

What am I doing wrong?
There was an update, depending on trim level, where it allows wireless. On my SEL trim, if I used an android phone, I had to setup the Android Auto by wire initially, but then in the settings (if I remember in the phone/AA settings), swap over to wireless.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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