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yesterday I had the system set to auto and the auto setting didn't turn on the AC because it was not needed and just blew in the outside air but the auto still stays on and I decided to open the sun roof and put down the driver's side window because the weather was nice about 70F or about 22C and my auto inside car temp. was set at 22C and after a short period of driving the auto system turned off and I figured that the system must be smart enough to do this since my windows were open and the inside of the car reached my 22C setting or even higher than the 22C so I thought I'd try it again and again turned on to auto and again in a short period it shut off.

this is the first time I've noticed this because I normally drive with all windows closed and always just turn on the auto setting and it will use the AC if needed and if it's not needed it just runs the fan using outside my question has anyone else noticed this occurrence...this has never happened with all windows closed even though the inside car temp. has reached my setting.

this may be normal and since I've only had the car for close to 5 months and have used it mostly for the AC and now that we are getting the colder weather and I don't see the AC part of the system in use, and only get outside air mixed with heat if needed so this is why I ask.
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