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my Venue is on order and I've been reading the on line manuals and they mention that if you have to charge the battery you're to remove the negative and then the positive and remove the battery to another location to charge I'm sure they're talking about charging a dead battery but if you just want to top up the battery because the car has been sitting for a long period and especially when we get 20 or more degrees below zero and you just want to put you charger on a trickle setting I'd think the battery can stay in the car and with the leads still I other cars only had a main computer and nothing like what the cars of today have and I'd think doing a trickle charge would not harm any of the electronics the cars have today...I've never had one of the chargers that are wired to the battery that many people now use today and my charger has various settings and it will shut down once the battery is fully charged so almost all of the time I only use the trickle setting...any info from anyone will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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