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Black A-Pillar - only Venue?

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I've always thought that the black A-pillar on the Venue was a mighty cool look, and recently I started looking around to see if other cars used that style as well. Very few! I've seen a number of Scion tC vehicles sporting the look (but not all of them), and I think I saw it on one other large SUV but I don't recall what it was.

Are there any other models, by any manufacturer, that make use of the black A-pillar style? Just curious.
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Thanks, Ralph. With the zillions of Souls on the street, I'm surprised I haven't noticed that one before.
Today, I saw two Kia Souls, two Ford Bronco Sports (the new ones), two Mini Coopers, and two Range Rovers, all sporting the black A-pillar. They must have gotten the idea from Venue.
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