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Bluetooth or Wifi?

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Hi everyone,

This is likely a stupid question but I can't figure out how the infotainment system works. For example, usually I'm connected by both bluetooth and the Venue wifi (whatever that means). Yesterday I did an hour drive in the morning and used Google maps no problem. On the way home, neither Google Maps nor Wayz was connecting properly (kept getting the disconnect message mentioned in the other thread, but over and over and over which is unusual). The map screen even went white. So I disconnected bluetooth and it didn't help, eventually gave up. I also noticed during this time that the Venue wifi said "low data mode" on my iphone. What's that mean?

Anyway, this morning all seems well again - however I'm connected by wifi and not bluetooth (my iphone keeps saying it's not connected via bluetooth), however I was able to use google maps and text someone with my voice.

SO, my question is, are you supposed to connect via wifi only, or bluetooth, or both??
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Damn, that hurt to read. 😂

Your car can connect via bluetooth if you want to just listen to songs and text/call with your phone.
You car can also connect via bluetooth and wifi if you want the android auto/carplay to work properly.

You are probably using your phone's data to use the maps so that is probably why your iphone said "low data mode" because you are using too much of your phone's data.
Also, since you are using your phone data, sometimes it doesn't work because your phone's signal is too low/bad in certain areas of town.

If you don't understand, it is okay because it is really hard to explain. 😂

- Chicago Ralph
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