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this is the Canadian u tube channel [the one below the first website that I'm posting] that I've been following for some time now and where I got a lot of info on the Venue over time that helped me decide to buy my Venue, and the first site I've posted is about steeling our vehicles and is from the main u tube site well this is a channel that people from all over the world have also been following, and as well this channel will at times explain the reasons vehicles like the Venue are different then the American ones, like my Ultimate is called the Limited in the US and my grill and options are different then the Limited, and this also applies to the other models.

this site is about the protection Hyundai and Kia have done to prevent their vehicles from theft, probably short of loading the vehicle on a trailer to steel it.

this is the channel about the over all Kia and Hyundai models, and what I like is that they point out all aspects of the vehicles, and with that info it can steer you in the right direction as to which one will suit you best...originally the reviewer was the guy you'll see in the earlier u tubes and now have a couple of gals doing the shows.

there's lots of good info on all Kia and Hyundai vehicles on the website but it is mostly on Kia because of the dealership they work for.
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