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Sorry guys for all of the posts still new to this car. I noticed the other day driving at highway speeds even at 45 MPH if the car stops suddenly in front of me my car starts to beep really loud. Will this car brake for me? Naturally I hit my brakes but Im curious how smart this car is. Ive noticed it beeps at me when the car in front of me is pulling away as well. Im not complaining just can't test out things like this :D Also on cruise control does it have adaptive where it will slow down if it sees a car slowing down?
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Cruise is not adaptive, has all the inputs to make it so, but for some reason Hyundai didn't include it in the software.
All models have BAS, Brake Assist System that automatically increases brake fluid pressure if the car determines you are making an emergency stop. With Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA-Ped) with Pedestrian Detection the Venue will indeed automatically warn first then apply the brakes if necessary.
Thats awesome.. Its so hard to test out :) I need to look at my instrument cluster and make sure their all turned on.
Well, don't come back and shoot the messenger if it doesn't stop when you test
LOL Oh I won't.. Hyundai did a good job of protecting themselves too! :D
Nothing beats safe driving practices. Basically don't rely on the system.

This is part of the Warning from the Manual:

.... Forward Collision Avoidance system may not always
stop the vehicle completely and
is only intended to help mitigate a
collision that is imminent.
These guys tested it for you:
That made me think of Big Trouble In Little China. If Jack Burton had had that system in the Porkchop Express when he tried to run down Lo Pan, he would have looked like a fool! Maybe they can use that gag in the sequel.
My venue prevented 3 accidents already.
Mostly, because of my distracted driving.
I'd say it is very smart. 馃槆
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The rear cross traffic alert probably saved a pedestrian from injury yesterday and backing out of a parking spot with taller vehicles on either side used to be an inch out and hope for the best situation, but no more. The early warning sounds if there is any traffic or people going to cross behind the car.
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