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Cup holders

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Curious if anyone who has the cup holders, how do you install them/are they just free balling it sliding around the back seat? Our limited denim didn’t come with them, but I want to get rear cup holders and didn’t know if I should just get the venue ones (if they’re reliable) or if I should go on Amazon and look at rear seat console cup holders.
Sorry for my rant, hope everyone is staying cool in this awful heat!
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I believe it is bolted down to the rear of the center console.

Pic is a reference from a different hyundai forum. The actual cup holder might look different for our model.

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2012-on Accent (RB) - Rear Console Cup Holder (1R075 ADUP1RY) | Hyundai Forums (
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The newer ones (shown in the bottom of the previous post) are $100 US "installed" on the Hyundai USA accessories site, item number J0F16AU600. Not sure if this link will work: Rear Seat Cup Holder - Allows you to safely store your beverage as you're driving around town.

I saw one in the back trunk area of a Venue that was getting prepped before ours arrived at the dealer and assumed mine would have one. It did not. I asked my sales guy about it and he said he'd see if he could "find" one for me. :/
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