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DIY | Digital Rear View Mirror | Dual Dash Cam

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Chapter 1: (Preface)
I was going to return the Digital Rear View Mirror/Dual DashCam, because I did not want to tackle the project anymore.
When I hit return on Amazon, It said non-returnable. I have never got declined to return before. It is a first.
So I got stuck with a $145 purchase, because I did not know any better.

Chapter 2: (Characterization)
The system has a front view, rear view, and front/rear at the same time.
It acts as a dash cam for the front and rear at the same time when turned on.
It has voice recognition if you want to get fancy and not use the touch screen.
It has a GPS feature if you want to have real time tracking of where the videos are taken.
Screen can be turned off to act as a regular mirror..
12 inch digital screen.

Chapter 3: (Sequel)
Installation shall be continued on the following post.
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Chapter 3 | Act II: (Triumph)

This installation actually took shorter than expected.
My honda civic days definitely helped me with this newer car.
You can mount the wires however you want, but this is my set-up.
The front camera is on the front of the mirror screen.
The rear camera is placed on the rear; either on the outside, or on the inside.
I opted for the inside because I did not want to further complicated the project and being inside offers protection from the weather.
The GPS mount is optional as I did not even install it myself. Perhaps, in the future, I shall.

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I fished my camera this way where the green line is


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It was going to be my first spot, but the weather sealing tube was a tight squeeze.
I went with the bigger tube.
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