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I am seriously thinking about getting a green apple-colored SE Venue and making National Lampoon's style Family Truckster out of it. All you'd have to do is add some woodgrain vinyl graphics to the sides, remove the hubcaps and paint on some green walls, put a double set of turn signals (optional, but it would increase the safety of the vehicle with double the turn signals/flashers). Then add some gaudy gold emblem thing on the C-pillar.

I wish I had the PhotoShop skills to render a Family Truckster Venue variant. My fiance's car is on its last legs, so if we get another Venue, I may get a green apple Venue and try this. I wanted a green apple one, but she wanted the intense blue so we got the blue one. I like different cars and never customized one before.

In most of the scenes at least 2 hubcaps are on I think. I might just leave all of the hubcaps on. I think in the movie, the wagon has green walls? But in this museum version, it doesn't seem to have them.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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