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2020 SE, 6 Speed Manual
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Up for sale I have a center console arm rest storage unit for a Hyundai Venue.

I purchased these new from a dealer because my Venue SE comes with a different center console that does not have the padded arm rest, and I wanted to add it to mine. However, after driving with it for about a week I realized I didn't like it because I have a manual transmission and was bumping my elbow on it when I shifted. If you have a CVT transmission, this probably won't be an issue for you.

Parts included, with number from diagram:

1 - Center console p/n 846A1K2150NNB
19 - Console rear panel p/n 84640K2000NNB
2- Bracket (bolts to the floor to give support due to the height) p/n 84635K2000
16 - Armrest p/n 84660K2100NNB
17 - Armrest support p/n 84613K2100


You will have to purchase the bottom panel of the storage box separately (#6 in the diagram, p/n 84616K2100), which should only be a few dollars. I cut a hole in mine to install a usb charger, and therefore I won't be including it.





All together these would be over $300 from the dealership

I'm selling for $175, which includes shipping within the US.
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