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Fuel additive

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do many here get the fuel additive once a year from Hyundai even though you always get the prescribed fuel Hyundai want you to use?
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I've never added any injector cleaner.
The manual recommends to use Hyundai fuel injector cleaner, of
The manual also states, "if top tier detergent gasoline is not available" ,add the cleaner. I think it's standard for fuels in Canada and USA contain detergent additives so it cleans as you drive.
I think the only time I'd add any is if I noticed the engine stumbling, running rough or if I noticed fuel economy taking a hit.
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yeah I've never used any for about 20 years and I only used them on carburetor cars, never on injected cars like we have now, and I always use the proper gas but I was just wondering because of the Hyundai motors using two types of injectors and have read different things about how these injectors work and can affect the engines.
Here is a write-up I did on our Venue's multi port, dual injector system. It's different than direct injection systems where a high pressure fuel pump is needed and the injectors are subjected to cylinder pressure.
I use a can of seafoam cleaner when it says in the service manual . It keeps it running nice.
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