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I got down to 15 miles left of range, and I then filled it up today. It took 10.8 gallons of gas to fill it up, and its capacity is 11.9 gallons. So it's pretty accurate. With 1.1 gallons I could've gone another 30 miles (I do a lot of city and stop/go driving), so the gauge/trip computer is pretty accurate.

It errs on the side of caution (with that extra 15 miles of range built-in), so you're not completely running out of gas and burning up your fuel pump.

So if your range is getting pretty low, be sure to fill up. My Honda CRV gives you like an extra 80 miles even when it reads empty, so the Honda really errs on the side of caution.

Oh and stop the gas flow once the pump stops. I am sure all of you know this. Seems like a ton of normal people do not realize they're potentially ruining their vehicles by stuffing as much gas as possible into their tanks. The gas can overflow into their carbon canister and destroy emission systems and sensors, then the computer messes with the gas/air-fuel mixture. It can ruin an engine.

I was recently gassing up at Sam's Club, and a lady next to me was stuffing lots of gas into her new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (was decked out with a lot of aftermarket goodies). Pump would stop, and she'd struggle to get more in, so on. I couldn't believe it. I said "sorry to disturb you but you shouldn't overflow your gas tank as it can ruin your engine". She replied: "I usually can get another couple gallons into it after the pump shuts off" she said with a kinda nasty look. I said because the gas is overflowing into the emissions system. She didn't respond. Just ignored me and got into her $45k Jeep and drove off.

Can't fix stupid. I am sure her parents taught her that, and no one ever corrected her before (uncle, husband, boyfriend/GF, etc.). And most people are too shy to talk to strangers. I am not. lol.
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