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I bought some fog lights from ebay, and finally got the product.
Apparently, it does not come with a relay kit. Most aftermarket lights do not come with them, unfortunately.
I could directly wire it to the battery, and always make sure to turn it off when not in use.
However, I guarantee that I will forget to turn it off one of these days so it will not be a good install.

My back-up plan is to wire it to circuit box via add-a-fuse.
One Circuit for the DRL Halo, and another circuit for the actual fog lights.

Can I have the experts review my wiring diagram?
What fuse would be good to tap? I need at least a 10A for the DRL and, and at least 15A for the fog lights.
In the engine circuit fuse, there are the 15A ECUs and 15A injector. Would you recommend them?

Any recommendation is welcomed.






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I would use the horn 15A instead of ECU for the foglight, at least still drivable if the fuse blew. Or tap into passenger fusebox since you already have your switch inside the cabin. For your halo drl, does your oem have DRL? If it does, I would just add a fuse and tap into existing oem drl.

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The USA Fog Light seller stated fog lights only so I was surprised when it came with the halo DRL, and might as well install it :ROFLMAO:

I'm trying not to tap into the OEM Headlights so it not tampered with and still covered by warranty (Hopefully). When/If the LED DRL breaks, the whole housing needs to be replaced unlike a simple bulb.

I found a kit from iJDMToy for a relay, which looks compatible to the fog lights.
Gotta do it ASAP when relay arrives 馃挴


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The "fog light trim" piece is not removable. It is a solid part of the bumper.
The only way to remove it is to cut it off, which I have no experience.
It is gonna be a gamble to do it, because if the aftermarket won't fit well, I will have a large gaping hole on my bumper.

I think the reason why Hyundai USA does not sell OEM fog lights is because the USA Model Bumper is not fog light compatible.
The factories probably made the trim piece part of the bumper to speed up production.




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The USA has lots of regulations about what bumpers need to be able to withstand, which other countries don't require. So you can't expect USA version bumpers to be the same as international versions. I don't know if that affects your project, but it is something to consider.
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