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The first drive reviews have started to come out for the Venue and things are pretty positive out the gate.

Here's some links and snippets from each article.

Will Hyundai have a successful Star Trek-like return to the well or will they come up empty? History suggests the former, given the brand’s penchant for offering oodles of features in a smartly styled and reasonably priced box.
The key difference between the Venue and the others is that it is strictly a front-wheel-drive model, with its engine and drivetrain borrowed from Hyundai’s subcompact Accent. If you want to think of the Venue as a re-bodied, wagon-shaped Accent, you might be a bit unkind but that won’t make you wrong.

Automobile Magazine
In terms of versatility, however, the Venue scores lots of points. The boxy, upright shape yields lots of headroom and allows for a tall back seat with decent legroom, albeit in the vertical plane. It also contributes to the sizable 19-cubic-foot cargo bay, which is supplemented by a two-level cargo floor and a nifty cover that can be stowed behind the rear seatback. And even with all this space, the Venue has room for a real-live spare tire.

What we have here, then, is a rather brilliant exercise in product planning, a cute little entry-level urban runabout that is both attractive and practical. With the slightly-larger Kona starting just under $22,000 and the Nissan Kicks at $19,685 with an automatic transmission, the Hyundai Venue lineup should fall in $18,500-$23,000 range—at least that's where it ought to be if it hopes to be competitive. If the pricing is in the sweet spot, and if Hyundai's product planners are right about this niche in the market, the Venue should be a brisk seller and one to thrill the marketing enthusiasts, if not car enthusiasts.

Motor Illustrated
Are two-tone body colours appealing to millennials? We could argue that point for a while. One thing is for sure, they are demanding in terms of connectivity and space, but the proposition also has to be really interesting in financial terms. Happily, Hyundai gave the Venue a very aggressive pricing structure. The Essential trim starts at $17,099 ($18,399 if you want IVT and cruise control), and a fully loaded Venue will run you $24,899 (Ultimate).

Alas, the Venue might end up in the hands of all types of demographics, including retired couples and middle-aged professionals, like many vehicles that were specifically designed for millennials. But all things considered, this new Hyundai SUV has it all for any car buyer – including a lot of substance for the younger ones. I can confidently predict that this one is going to sell like hotcakes!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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