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For anyone that's interested, here's some information on the Venue's suspension from Hyundai. I'm curious to see how the "special traction tuning for snow" actually works in the real world. It gets snowy where I'm from so it would be great if it was actually effective.


Venue’s suspension tuning provides passenger comfort and confident vehicle control. The suspension and steering offer a combination of control, balance and ground clearance to achieve utility and maneuverability in a small vehicle footprint. The new suspension design does not intrude on interior space as chassis engineers developed a torsion-beam rear axle with tall, upright dampers that provide greater travel and tuning potential. Prior generations of torsion-beam axles applied much shorter dampers installed at an angle that limited tuning options. Venue’s smaller footprint makes it an easier to maneuver SUV.

Venue offers an advanced traction control stability mode that includes Normal (fuel economy), Sport (sportier steering effort and throttle response) and Snow (low traction) modes for improved front-wheel drive road performance. A special traction tuning for snow optimizes available traction and driver control in adverse conditions. It feathers torque between the left and right drive wheels to take full advantage of the available traction, to keep the vehicle moving. The Snow mode has the ability to adjust between deep snow and packed snow, using just the torque needed to break inertia and maintain traction. Venue also features Torque Vectoring Brake Based (TVBB) cornering systems to enhance performance and safety in various turning conditions.
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