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My Infotainment screen has gone completely blank twice since I bought my 2021 Venue Essentials. When it happens the bluetooth still automatically connects and it will play music, but the screen is completely blank, it's not even backlit. The backup camera doesn't appear on the screen either which is REALLY irritating. The only way to resolve it both times was to shut the vehicle off, then turn back on (reboot). The dashboard is not affected at all, all lights still work on the dash, I'm just talking about the infotainment screen.
I Googled this, and I found the same issue is happening to Hyundai Santa Fe owners as well. Some of them say that it only happened a couple times and never happened again, others were able to get the entire head unit replaced under warranty. They recommend getting the fault on video and send it to the dealer (I never thought of that). So next time it happens, I will capture it on video and bring it in.
Not going to help you I have same problem changed radio changed some relay box still don't work they told me when it happens again to bring car to them with blank screen so MAYBE the tec guys might figure the problem out it's been a year and half still doesn't work good luck your going to need it
I was watching a venue review.
I believe the reviewer said the infotainment has a safety mechanism, where it shuts off the screen when the power/volume button is pressed too hard, (or broken).

at the 6:00 mark
I also am experiencing info screen problems. Rear camera not stopping, screen going blank and coming back on. It started with the first map update. I reloaded maps but still is screwed up. Happen again today 7-11-2021. Anyone able to cure this or have had it fixed at the dealer?
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