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Obviously, it's not a hardcore SUV like a Jeep Wrangler or Land Rover, but it is SUV-like in that it sits higher up than other economy cars like Toyota Corolla, Civic, or full-size sedans, so in areas that get snow the extra ground clearance definitely helps.

Here in NE Ohio under Ontario, the snow piles up, and I can get through stuff regular cars can't. Sure not as well as a CRV AWD, Wrangler, etc., but better than non-SUV vehicles.

It's like a degree of SUV-ness. It is on that spectrum somewhat. It's like a spectrum of beauty, do you look at your GF and realize she's not Scarlet Johannsen on the beauty scale, so you say "well may as well go back to the other end of the scale and marry a hideous woman"? :)

But if you want a sporty small car, then sure lowering it and doing other suspension things will make it sportier.
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