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While around town I have found the ivt and the little 4 banger a perfect match, when power is needed it can be a bit challenging. Throw a graded road into the equation, and it gets no better for sure.
Well I have that combo on my daily route around town in the form of an interstate merge (70mph) with a slow turn and a slight grade.
Finding the right throttle input is tuff because the ivt can’t wait to upshift out of the power, resulting in more input which causes this back and forth in the rpms.
So today I tried something different and it worked much better. One downshift input I can consistently generate is to about 2800 rpm. As soon as I hit it today, I slid it into manual shift mode, held it up to about 3700 rpm, upshifted, repeated and was at a comfortable 65mph at merge.
Bang, back to D. Much smoother and avoids mashing the pedal, which we all know produces what I like to call “4 banger noise” (engine rev over 4K).
So when extra power is needed, you might give this a try, if you haven’t already.
I just knew that extra feature (manual mode) would come in handy at some point. 👍🏼
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