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Hey !

Needing a new vehicle as me and my wife have our first child coming in a few months we stumbled onto The Venue !

Ordered a week ago in Space Black with some upgraded black rims and the Manual Transmission. Currently getting built the dealer is optimistic we will have it within a month. Other things were added, mudflaps, floor mats, bug deflector, etc...

Originally shopping for a Kona, we opted for The Venue due to the MT option. Plus we like the front end better, more boxy look than the Kona. But, if the Venue didn't have the MT option, I'm not sure we would've got it, I find a MT is key with these little engines. My wife's Golf puts out a whopping 110HP (and that was 14 years ago when it was new 馃槄), so it's weak as hell, but the MT makes it quite more fun and peppy than an automatic would. I've read lackluster reviews regarding the Venues performance with their IVT transmission, and test driving it with the Auto I wasn't blown away by power, but I know MT adds a lot of room for power and fun.

Our test drive was fun, even the essential trim has tons of features. And coming from our current vehicles (2009 Ford ranger Base MT/2008 Golf Base MT) this thing is space age 馃槄. Our 2 current vehicles have no AC, No Cruise, No power anything lol. Borderline Flintstones cars.

Although I can't touch it for 5 years I also liked the roomy engine bay and ground clearance of the vehicle. I have rebuilt/repaired our current vehicles.. many times 馃槖. But it looks like it will be quite easy to service and fix when the time comes.

We've never owned a Hyundai before so we are taking the chance. Looked up sales numbers for the Venue they are low in Canada, we both keep looking for Venues "in the wild" and they seem to be fairly rare where we are.

Rear storage seems to be minimal so after the stroller there might not be much left but that's okay.
The Essentail trim didn't have LED headlights available so that'll be my first task on it (if they offered the MT in higher trims we would've gone with a higher trim).
Another Con I found was the rear brakes are drums 馃槓. Honestly pretty outdated by 2022 and along with the halogen headlights is a little disappointing. But oh well. These are things I'm picky about but my wife could care less 馃槄.

We are excited for our new Venue to come in !

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Welcome aboard! Lots of good folks here to bounce ideas off of.

You are so right about the manual transmission. I test-drove both versions, and if it only came with the CVT, I would have had to pass on the Venue (probably would have gone with the Kia Soul in that case). But with the stick shift, it is really peppy and really fun!

It's my first Hyundai too (coming from years of Toyota ownership), but they seem to have a good reputation for reliability, which is my number one criterion.

And yeah, it took awhile for me to start seeing other Venues in the wild. I still only see them around once a week, but I've finally seen all colors on the road (only took two years!).

2022 Venue Essential - 6 Speed Manual - Polar white
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Welcome Aboard. I also got the Venue with the MT recently and I enjoy driving it . And yeah the Essential trim in Canada can鈥檛 be ordered with many extra options but I think is a great choice.
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