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2020 SE, 6 Speed Manual
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These Chinese generic touchscreens are all over AliExpress, and some of them can even be found on Amazon. They seem to be pretty popular with the Indian Venue modders. The one good thing is you get a full Android OS, not just Android Auto. So you can run a web browser, You Tube, etc.

Here's the super tall one:

And if you just search for "Hyundai Venue Touch Screen" you'll see a bunch that have more normal looking 9 or 10 inch screens.

From what I've read, the quality on these is hit or miss....but mostly miss. The touch screen looks nice, but most of them are underpowered and have very low quality audio components. And I've even read of some brands changing the Android version that is shown in the system settings, so they sell it as Android 10 when it's really an earlier version.

The other shady thing about these is how many of the pictures are just sloppy photoshops, not pictures of the actual unit.
For example, this one shows the aftermarket screen, but the buttons and knobs from the OEM head unit are still there - even though the buttons and screen are all part of the same unit.


See how the OEM unit is all one piece?

That being said, there are a few brands that are good, or at least better than most. Joying, Atoto, and Pumpkin are the ones that come to mind (they all have bizarre names). Not that these brands are as good as Alpine or Pioneer, but they're just likely to be better than the rest.

I briefly considered going with this Joying unit because the UI was pretty clean looking (which is very important to me) and because the 8 inch screen was kind of a sweet spot between something ridiculously oversized and something that left a lot of weird blank space on the dash. In the end I kept the stock head unit because I didn't want to mess around with getting all the ancillary things working, like the backup camera, steering wheel controls, etc.

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I've owned the one in the video for another car. It's a generic headunit that you can get on AliExpress where the seller uses OEM like connectors to make it a true plug and play unit. With that being said, from my experiences, if you were you were to get a unit just make sure you opt for more RAM/ROM and faster processor. You're not going to have a good time with the 1GB/2GB RAM + 16 GB base model, you'll need minimum 4GB RAM to run android with multiple windows/functions open.
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