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At my oil change last week, the service writer said the cabin air filter was in need of replacement. The car's only 1.5 years old, but I do idle like 5 hours a night for work in dusty conditions so I believed it. I didn't want to pay $55 for theirs though, so I jumped on Rock Auto and bought a Wix (good filter brand) for $10 and new wiper blades for $12 for left/right. $6 each.

They're nice and beefy -- Trico Ice part numbers 35-180 for the 18-inch and 35-240 for the 24-inch driver's side. 18 inches and 24 inches are the sizes you need for the Venue. They come with a couple different cartridges (mounting cartridges), but the ones already installed on the blades are the correct ones for the Venue, so no need for the spare ones. Only took like 5 minutes to install both.

WP10265 is the part number for the Wix cabin filter. It is a perfect fit too, too. All 3 parts came to $34 with shipping -- or $20 less than what the cabin filter alone would've cost me. :) And I got nice beefy winter wipers for the winter, and the puny stock ones are trashed.

When you add a part to your cart on their website, subsequent parts with a little truck logo will all ship from one warehouse to save you on s/h instead of paying a lot for d/h from different warehouses. So if you're flexible on brands, you can save money. But luckily the Wix filter and wipers came from one warehouse so only one $10 s/h fee plus taxes. And as usual you get cool fridge magnets.

Drink Font Liquid Solution Packaging and labeling

All GM edition of magnets. That's a cool early to mid 60's Cadillac holding up my Chinese take out menu. Some smaller Cragars would look cool on the Venue.

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I have a ton of those fridge magnets. Rockauto is awesome.
The cabin air filter is a maintenance item. Schedule is !6,000 km or yearly. I just put in an activated carbon style that I got on Amazon. I wrote the date on the replacement so I wouldn't forget when I changed it. After a year and a half the old one was probably still good.
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