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Rear Fog Lights / LED Replacement for Rear Reflectors

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For Sale:
Rear Fog Lights / LED Replacement for Rear Reflectors | Asian/India Spec

They do not fit the USA reflectors with blind spot monitoring as I confirmed myself.
I am not sure if the non-blind spot SE Venues are compatible.
You can try to retrofit them if you are handy.

Automotive lighting Rectangle Material property Gas Tints and shades

Product Luggage and bags Automotive lighting Musical instrument accessory Bag

Glasses Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Bumper Lighting

(Reverse Light)

Automotive lighting Vision care Automotive exterior Eyewear Bumper

(Night-Time Light)

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

(Break Light)

Shipping is probably like $20 in the US.

If nobody buys, they will end up in my local electronics recycling plant. 馃槶
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Just pay for shipping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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