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My vehicle - Hyundai Venue SX + 1.0 turbo DCT model year 2021 is facing a serious issue with transmission since last week. The gear shift only in odd numbers ( 1, 3, 5 and 7). Last couple of times D3 shift to D5 after reaching 3.5k rpm, it doesn't go through D4 and shift back to D3 from D5 on slowing down
Even gear ratios ( 2,4,6) along Reverse gear is not getting engaged and manual transmission mode is completely not available. ( when tried to shift to manual mode it's still showing as DCT mode) .Unable to uphift or downshift even with paddle shifters.

Though the issue gets temporarily solved after restarting the car, it reappears again while driving .
The issue was observed many times in a day.
In Blue link ( Hyundai connected car service) vehicle status shows that issue with transmission control system.

Last day I had raised complaint to the Hundayi service centre, they did the diagnostic with the car and found the trouble code P192001- shift 2 motor U/V/W Circuit.
They tried learning program to ECU and also changed the battery ( assuming low voltage delivered to the ECU) But still the issue persist.

Did anyone faced similar issue?
Requesting opinion on this issue.

How should I take it with Hyundai.

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Most of the Venues here are from North America/Canada.
We don't have paddle shifters as far as I know so can't help.

You might want to try some groups on FB. I think they have some local Venues there.
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