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Even on lower settings you still feel it in your back. I don't know if it's from the smaller size of the Venue or because it's bolted to the body. No lost space from using a traditional subwoofer, transferred the tire jack kit to old VW bag with jumper cables. Don't have more photos of the project I did this through the night and in winter. However the subwoofer has a built in amp that accepts high or low level inputs so just had to splice through the left and right channels behind the head. Found those by removing the interior door panels and matching the speaker wire colors then confirming with a multimeter. Didn't need a remote turn on wire but still ran one. Positive wire ran from battery through the hood release grommet then through the floor plastic side panels and ground behind the seats. "The resistors are another project (led turn signals) front, side and back" ill eventually post about that project.



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