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Split screen

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Looking to use radio on left side of split screen and maps on the right
Need 411 on how to accomplish this
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
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To my knowledge split screen is not possible in Hyundai mode. Apple CarPlay allows split screen when playing from your music library.
You don't say if your unit is Display audio or Navigation.
Mine is Display Audio. This update was is being pushed, by Google, to phones with Android Auto installed. Although it makes split screening apps possible...the car radio is not an Android app so I don't see any way to make it part of the split screen.
I was going to walk back my previous comment when I looked in the menus today and found this....
Font Gadget Display device Electronic device Multimedia

Looks like radio would be on left and phone would be on right....but no, this is what you end up with...
Gadget Wheel Font Communication Device Display device

When you select the right side tile, you would think it would open Android Auto in that tile and let you select maps but instead, it takes you to full screen phone profection with the built in Android Auto split screening.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts