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TBS for Canada

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I found the TBS site for Canada.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts lists TSBs from National Highway Transport Safety Administration not Transport Canada. is a sub-domain of Any Technical Service Bulletins listed on those
USA sites are USA numbers, although it's very likely there will be Canadian numbered versions.
For instance, US TSB number 23-01-019H has a Canadian equivalent. The dealer didn't tell me the number but told me it shows "open" for my 2021 Preferred Canadian model and booked an appointment to install the IVT software update associated with that TSB.
The thing about TSBs is that they are issued internally as updated service recommendations and practices to the dealer service departments. It often takes some time for them to make it to public view, if ever. Most of the TSB search engines tend to be a year or two behind. Safety Recalls are handled differently, they are made public by NHTSA and Transport Canada as soon as they are released.
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