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Technical Glitch, Issues with My New Face Lift Venue

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I got my Face Lift Venue on 30 June 2022, since then till January 2023 my vehicle had got stuck thrice on the way on road, once at the service center itself. Vehice engine dose not get started, But unfortunately no one was able to diagnose the problem any time, 2 times parts are changed on assumptions that this may be the cause as system is not showing any cause and assurance is given it will not happen again for the same part.. unfortunately last it happened again in Jan 2023 where different views of authorized service center were heard, RSA appointed by co. Was called as vehicle got stuck, he informed battery is gone, in just 6 months, where as service center person told no problem with battery, when I forced to check they agreed and got battery changed. I am surprised a battery is not getting charged while running and suddenly vehicle gets stop and engine is not getting started.

Service center informs it may be because of software update which is done now, as per them Hyundai did provided update In January 2023

I am very much disappointed with the service, Replies and Veunue. It seems a Biggest Mistake to buy venue.

My question is who will be responsible for any mishap because of so called Software update,

Team can reach me out on for further information and details.

Umesh Mansani
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Sorry you are having problems. The battery should have been easy to diagnose, surely the service center has a battery load tester. Sounds more like a charging issue if it stopped while driving. Was there any warning indicators lit up on the dash before it stopped? A battery has a reserve capacity meaning it can run the car for some amount of time if the alternator is not charging. The time is 80 minutes with a brand new Venue battery. Alternator charging the battery is controlled by the engine computer software. Hopefully they are right and the software update fixed the issue.
Not sure you are aware that this is a Venue Drivers forum, not associated with Hyundai directly. If you are looking for answers, you would need to communicate with Hyundai in your country directly.
I've also found Hyundai dealers to be bad at diagnosis and terrible when listening and actually understanding the problem being described. I like the car...service is pretty disappointing.
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