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the sound of nature mode

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I never thought that playing this option would ever be useful...this weekend I've got my son's chocolate Lab while and his Buds are on a bike trip for the son has a very nice piece of property where he lives and at least a third of it is forest and lots of wild live right up to a black bear spotted about 2 years ago, and anyone who has or had a Lab knows they they are in tune with nature...I picked Daisy up yesterday and it's about a good 50 miles one way, and Daisy has lots of energy and thinks she rides in the front seat, but some time ago my son got the type of body harness that connects to the seat belt connection for the dog and we've been using it mainly because of son has a Ram truck with lots of room where as my Venue is a bit smaller inside, and it's better using the seat belt connection in the back seat, especially because of her size, and it's safer, and she's not in my face while driving...she wasn't all that happy being in the back seat, so I thought what if I put on the forest back to nature mode, and I played it a little bit louder so she could hear all the sounds, while that got her attention for the whole drive and it calmed her right down.

for any of you who have very young children or grand kids or pets that are getting annoyed with the car ride and want to put them at ease, give it a try with one of the nature sounds...I didn't find it annoying for myself and it wasn't making me to want to go to sleep, but it might work that way for passengers, and it really has an affect because of the sounds moving around in the speakers and my Ultimate has the extra speakers for a great sound.
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That's awesome. I wish my SEL trim had that mode.
That's awesome. I wish my SEL trim had that mode.

If your head unit is updated to the newest software, it should have that mode.
That's awesome. I wish my SEL trim had that mode.
There are all sorts of relaxing nature sound videos on YouTube. You can easily download the audio and put it on a flash drive. I'm afraid it would put me to sleep!

My dog goes to sleep as soon as we put him in the back seat. He's only a fifteen pound Bichon, but we clip his harness to the seat belt for safety. If there were an accident, he'd go ping-ponging around the cabin otherwise.

Sometimes he'll sit on my wife's lap in the passenger seat if we're just driving around town, but then I worry that an airbag deployment would probably kill him instantly.
with the size of my son's Lab, and the interior size of the Venue, and using the back seat to connect her body harness to the back seat seat belt connection, and because the belt from the harness, which is not very long to the belt connection, she can put her butt on the back seat and then put her front chest resting on the armrest of the middle counsel and have her front legs resting on the front seat edges, or just seating behind the counsel armrest, she has a commanding view to keep her happy.
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