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Tires in the winter & rain

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Currently I have a 2021 and standard. I hate the tires it came with in any kind of downpour hydroplaning is such a hazard that I have to slow down on the highway to 45 in a 70 with my hazards on so any suggestions on what tires are working for anyone here in US (I am in Central Illinois) before the snow hits? Never had a car feel so unsafe. I have only owned this and a Hyundai Sonata but I wanted to sit up more and not have to step out but not be so big. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you so much! Just trying to be safe!
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My 2021 Venue Preferred, Canadian model, came with Hankook Kinergy GT tires, size 185/65/15. I run them at the specified 36PSI. I've never felt unsafe in the rain due to hydroplaning. There is a section of highway near me that has ruts worn in it that hold water. In my old car I had to straddle them, the car felt like a death trap when driving in the ruts. The Venue tires just seem to push the water out of the way.
For the first time in my life, I bought a set of winter tires. The cheapest I could find. Last winter my Venue felt so sure footed that I found myself driving much faster than I should have been.
I am so jelly! I am going check my tires out and then see if I can find your suggestions around here in Illinois what you all find so great. Thank you for your comment as not feeling safe for was so very unsettling for me. I consider myself excellent driver in all weather with my sonata and all prefer I drive generally all the time. Thanks again.
I live in Chicago and have pretty much the same winters and rains as you have in central Illinois. I've never felt unsafe in my Venue with the stock tires since I got it in late 2019. I'd suggest you check that your tires are inflated correctly. Good luck!
Great suggestion. It鈥檚 has been very weird. I鈥檒l update once I figure anything out.
@Chicago Jake has the right idea.I hope your issue is that simple. Improperly inflated tires reduce the contact patch of the tire, Too low a pressure causes the outside edges to have the most contact and too high a pressure causes the center of the tire to dominate the contact patch. Ideally the tire will contact the pavement evenly, this allows the most traction and allows water to be pushed through the channels and sipes in the tires. Remember to check tire pressure throughout the season. As outside temperature rises so does the tire pressure and as the temperature decreases the tire pressure falls.
This video demonstrates the impact of underinflated tires.
Thank you so much! I appreciate your insight and help. Curious as to when I check and then fill the tire if the car system will read differently as I am still under the 2 year tire rotation oil change down here. I will let you know and if you all think of anything else please share!! Thanks again!!
The car system should tell you what PSI it thinks is in the tires now. The Venue calls for 36 PSI.
That鈥檚 what I was thinking. I got all the gadgets鈥on鈥檛 they tell me things鈥 I鈥檒l look this evening for sure.
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