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Unfinished paint?

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Hi all... just a purchased a new 2023 Venue red. I really like the car and do a minimum of driving anymore (I drove 3k miles last year). One thing I noticed in looking the car over once I got it home is the paint on the inside of the hatch door and the jamb around the hatch door does not have any clear coat...just the exterior paint color ( which is flat, rough and dull compared to the rest of the paint with the clear coat). I called the dealership and was told that "they are all that way". Is this true?...I am not near a Hyundai dealership (2+ hours of travel time here) so I can't look at another Vendue to compare. I find it odd that all painted metal on this car has a cleyaîr coat finish (including all the door jambs) but they didn't bother to coat the inside of the hatch door? Although not a deal breaker (gonna keep the car) I find it a little odd. Please let me know what you think.
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Mine is same way. Lower rear wheel wells too.
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