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Venue Owner in Honduras

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Hello Guys!!

Nice to meet other Venues owners, I'm new in this forum, I own a 2020 Venue gray/black.

I'm very happy with this car, is excellent to drive in the city and amazing in my country(Honduras) highways under Sport Mode.

Here some pictures.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Tire Wheel Vehicle

But I only have a question, this version only have one reverse light(right side) , meanwhile the left side have like a fog light color red that I have to activate, is the only thing that doesn't like because it look when I'm reversing that one light is in bad shape
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Nice looking car! I haven't seen that color scheme in the USA. It totally works, though.

Can't help you with the reverse light question, sorry. Those things are governed by local laws and regulations. But even so, a reverse light on only one side doesn't make much sense. You might want to ask your local dealer if there is something wrong.
I see that the Honduras Venues got the "1.6" badge on the back. I've only ever seen it on Australian models until now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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