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I own(ed) all three. 2018 Kona, 2021 Venue & 2022 Elantra.

All 3 were purchased brand new with the Elantra this past Friday. Hyundai keeps improving their models which is part of them being a great automotive manufacturer. I liked the Kona very much although the Venue has more headroom compared to a 2018. Designers fixed the new 2022 Kona which currently have more headroom. IMHO, the Elantra is the most stylish and first tank of gas got 42.9 mpg combined! The Venue is the easiest to make U-turns.

***The 2022 Hyundai models come with a Smart driving mode which could be similar to SNOW on the older models. By combining the SNOW driving mode with cruise control you might be able to replicate the outstanding mileage improvements of the Elantra and other new models with the Smart driving mode.

MPG = 1 Elantra 42.9 2 Venue 34mpg 3 Kona 33mpg (2.0 1.6 2.0 no turbos)
Style = 1 Elantra 2 Kona 3 Venue
Driver's Headroom 1 Venue 2 2022 Kona 3 2022 Elantra 4 2018 Kona
Acceleration 1 Kona 2 Elantra 3 Venue
Highway Comfort 1 Elantra 2 Kona 3 Venue
City Get Thru Traffic 1 Venue 2 Kona 3 Elantra
Road Visibility 1a Kona 1b Venue 2 Elantra

I loved the Kona except for the lack of headroom in the 2018 model which has been corrected in the 2022. I absolutely love the 2022 Elantra. It gets better combined mileage than an Accent and has tons more passenger room relatively speaking! I liked the Venue a lot, but it was a little boxy and caused electrical static in a mounted camera I use in my business.

All 3 are winners and would choose any over a Civic or HRV. I did not go near Toyotas because the dealers are very difficult in my area. Same goes for Kia. I do like the Mazda 3 + CX-30 and owned a CX-5 (all-times favorite) and MX-3, but since I buy new cars every year or two I like the practical familiarity of Hyundai. Android Auto is also a requirement for my needs.
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