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wait times of 1 months to get an oil change

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When my Venue was about to hit 3,000 miles, I called to make an oil change appt and was told it'd be like 3 weeks away; I made the appt. The service writer said "you don't need a change at 3,500 miles", but I replied my driving is a severe duty cycle (95% local driving, lots of idling).

Hyundai only covers light-duty (mostly highway) driving PMs at 8,000 miles, so I had to pay for the oil change I got at 3,500 miles. About a month and a half ago, I called to set up the 7k-8k oil change, and they were booked a month out. Good thing I called early.

Must be short on lube techs? Or is the free 3 years of PMs causing more people to go to them for oil changes rather than other oil change places?

Anyway, today I took it in for its 2nd oil change. There were few new cars on the lot that I could tell except for like 2 Santa Fe's and a beautiful Veloster N in "Performance Blue". Maybe those were already sold? There was a car transporter with like 4 new Hyundais on it, but they were not unloaded. I guess the cars are sold before they get there? Zero Venues on the lot.

My salesman was busy with a customer. A couple was buying a Sonata from a different salesperson. A gray one sitting out front.

The place is under construction/remodel, so they moved the free coffee and water to the sales waiting area. The coffee was delicious (percolator). I drank 3 cups. The TV was tuned to trash, so I changed it to Let's Make a Deal.
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Yep it was 3-4 week wait time for any sort of maintenance here in SoCal too from Hyundai. I just finished all my free oil changes. Going to be going to my usual shop from now on
I've had my Venue since November 2019. I took it for service in October 2020 and October 2021. (I only drive about 3000 miles in a year.) Both times required a one-month wait to get an appointment at a dealership.
got an oil change at 2500 miles…1 week wait
Just got an inspection done…5 day wait.

“take me home, country road…to the place, I belong” 🙂
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