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(Repost) New wheels for my car! Hopefully we can start a compilation of what fits/doesn't fit for our cars!

Enkei Fujin (discontinued; now known as Enkei GT7)
17x7.5 +50 5x114.3

67.1mm (Hyundai OEM bore size) to 72.6mm (Enkei bore size) aluminum hubcentric rings used.
Weighs 17.5 lbs per wheel. Better MPG & accelerating response due to decrease in unsprung weight.

Wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ 225/50R17.
Notes: Wheel width and offset, I wouldn’t recommend going any larger than an 8” width on a +50 offset. It will definitely rub the stock strut/spring perch. Lower offset needed to accommodate larger wheel widths.
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