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I have read a complaint or two on the center cap on the hypergram, so it must be a thing. I don’t really see me messing with it unless it gets loose or something because of its design. Did you have this problem Mochi? I like the pattern you were going with, just not the +40.
Old habits die hard and I love a polished lip man, and that wheel would bring what little black we have on the venue down to balance its presence on the pilars. I’m thinking its down to 2 and 3 actually. The momo is one of those wheels you love to look at, but I feel it might look a bit bulky on the little guy. It has ALOT of spokes going on. That directional Enkei really has my eye and keeps with the oem wheels “moving” looks, and I’m sure in motion the enks would produce a similar effect. The white konig is the wildcard. While it’s not my ideal spoke pattern, I have this little voice in my head saying it could be a real head turner (that little voice is always a heaven or hell proposition, so it’s seems appropriate with a white wheel). Guess it will depend on which guy is sitting on my shoulder when I throw the money down.🤣
Thank you for your input bro! 👍🏼
Unless you're putting on and removing the center caps yourself its a non-issue, but people who let those tire shops take care of it, end up destroying the thread due to impatients and/or debris.

The momo wheel reminds of the STI wheels. It might be more budget friendly to pick up a used set, same 5x114 bolt pattern too
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