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Also, a cheap way to get consumables like wiper blades is to go to Rock Auto and buy them. I buy them for 2 cars at the same time to save on shipping -- oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, wiper blades. I usually buy 3 of each item for each of the 2 cars. Rock Auto does have 2 or 3 warehouses, so if you put an item into your cart make sure to click on the link that says "discount shipping" or something to make sure all your parts come from ONE warehouse to save on s/h. May have to compromise on the brand to achieve this.

But the parts are dirt cheap. Bosch wiper blades for like $4 or so whereas Autozone wants $15 for a crappy brand. I am taking the Venue to the Hyundai dealership for PMs though since they are free, but I will be buying wiper blades for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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